Thursday, February 5, 2009

I will not be motivated by your rebus

In the summer before my junior year in high school, each player on our football team received a gray t-shirt with the following graphic on the front:

I didn't get it.  Granted, I didn't stay up nights thinking about it, but I didn't understand what "Team Me" was.  Maybe that was a sign that I wasn't bound for football glory.  (I wasn't.)  Maybe it was a sign that I'm a very uncreative person.   Whatever it is, I simply wasn't motivated by it, even when I learned that it represented a mentality of "Big Team, little me".

I know that in team sports it's important to realize that individual accomplishments don't always lead to team success.  But for me, the message is lost when it's cast in a goofy puzzle.  Maybe my life would have been substantially different if my coach had gone with a shirt saying, "There's no I in TEAM."  That statement still involves some cute wordplay, but I'm pretty sure I would have grokked the point much more quickly. 

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