Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can this possibly be true?

On the nytimes website, Randall Stross writes:
I LOVE my iPhone. I just wish it were matched with Verizon Wireless, the carrier with the most envied reputation as fast, ubiquitous, reliable, nigh perfect.
I find myself saying this about 8 times a day.  But it turns out that Randall and I could be directing our angst at the wrong target.  

Consumer Reports has just released its annual survey of cellphone service, and its respondents collectively agree with me about the rankings: AT&T occupies the bottom and Verizon, the top.
And the iPhone itself may not be so great after all. Its design is contributing to performance problems.

I don't have any particular commentary to add to this, other than the fact that I'm absolutely stunned.  A few consequences:

  1. I have an iphone now and had long ago decided that I was switching to Verizon as soon as they started offering the iphone.  Not so much now.
  2. I have to acknowledge the fact that I don't know jack about technology and I should perhaps stop having such strong opinions about technology-related products.  
  3. I already have a hard time thinking about what my next cell phone will be (I'm definitely upgrading - I've got a first generation iphone), and this confusion is going to make it harder for me.

So, I guess, sorry AT&T for my absolute-but-maybe-not-deserved hatred of you for the past few years?

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